How to Fix Off Quotes MT4 Error

As we know, in scalping, we need to be very prompt in executing trades. The good news is that this doesn’t mean the other instruments apart from forex pairs are not available. If you are using EA in trading the Forex market then you can fix the off quotes error by increasing the number of times the order is sent to the server.

  • It allows you to open multiple positions at once News Feed Indicator and gives you access to a wide range of charts that allow you to keep track of all your positions at once.
  • You should only trade in these products if you fully understand the risks involved and can afford to incur losses that will not adversely affect your lifestyle.
  • If you use Exper advisors and find mt4 off quotes problem, then make a few changes to your EA coding language.
  • Move your computer closer to the wireless modem so that you can ensure that your computer is within the Wi-Fi’s range.
  • If your MT4 platform loses internet connection shortly after placing an order, the error code 136 will appear.
  • Go to the ‘Quotes’ tab and click the ‘+’ located in the upper right corner of your mobile.

The best prices are outside the Maximum pips Deviation range you have set for the trading order. In times of extreme volatility and low liquidity in the markets, for example, during press releases or significant economic news, stock prices can fluctuate very rapidly. You can see your position’s profit or loss in real time, it even shows you the statistics of your trading activity and gives you access to a wide range of charts. Furthermore, it has robust charting tools that allow you to view multiple time frames Channel Indicator at once and zoom in on the details of any symbol or indicator.

What does off quotes mean on mt4?

Furthermore, it has robust charting tools that allow you to view multiple time framesChannel Indicator at once and zoom in on the details of any symbol or indicator. This means that there have been no new prices on the selected instrument for some time, and these latest prices can no longer be treated as market prices. For this reason, when you try to execute an order at these prices, the trading server displays the message “Out of quotes” and refuses to complete it. But if you are a scalper and need to enter and exit the market frequently, then off quotes problem can eat up all your account.

metatrader off quotes

Talk to your customer manager or mail a ticket in the support section of your broker describing the whole matter. The price selected for making an order is now outdated or no longer active for triggering an order Once an error code 136 appears in MT4. Off quotes can be influenced by many factors, including a slow internet connection, high volatility, and a connection gap with MetaTrader 4 and the broker’s server.

Question:What does “Off quotes” error message mean on MT4/MT5 platforms?

Our mission is to provide best quality trading tools for Metatrader 4 terminal. If you like our free indicators and EAs, kindly consider buying a product to support our work. The Off_Quotes error is being returned by the OrderModify not the OrderSend, so slippage isn’t the issue. I like to share my knowledge and I like to analyze the markets. My goal is to have a website which will be the first choice for traders and beginners. Market analysis is featured by Forex Factory next to large publications like DailyFX, Bloomberg…

metatrader off quotes

Suppose you suspect that there may be an issue with your broker or with the MetaTrader program itself. It also only takes a little while to turn your modem off and turn it back on again, which could also help do a soft reset to your internet. A spotty internet connection can cause all kinds of errors, as it may be that your platform isn’t connecting properly to your broker. It may be time to find a new broker to work with, or there might be something going on on the back end of the system that you’re unaware of. Note that for five-digit prices, a 30 pips deviation means three pips, and for a four-digit price, three deviation means actually three pips.


If you have an issue with off quotes upon increasing the deviation, you should ask your broker and notify the error quickly. In MT4’s trading order execution window, set the maximum pips deviation in the pip range for your trading orders. This is the most common issue that causes off-quote errors.

The level of the price volatility metric is called the standard deviation. The extent of the price rate concerning the simple moving average is defined with this signal. As a result, if such an indicator’s level is greater, the market is trending, and indicator values are spread close to the trend line. Off-quotes are a common issue when text is created in Microsoft Word, and many reasons are given to explain why they are appearing. Often they are a result of the publisher typing the text and inserting a line break, leaving a word or sentence hanging off the edge. Forex & CFDs are leveraged trading products that carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone.

Operating as an online business, this site may be compensated through third party advertisers in the term of commission. Our receipt of such compensation shall not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by, nor shall it bias our reviews. However, there is the possibility that your broker is responsible for the problem, in which case there’s not much you can do.

If your broker is solely responsible for the situation, there is little you can do to resolve the situation. As a result, selecting the correct broker is critical in eliminating the risks of off quotes. In a new window, it will also show “Off Quotes.” The MT4 software cannot access the broker server and display the bid price due to inadequate internet access. However, your trading software or you want a more significant size trade, such condition may be closed, and the “Off Quotes” warning displayed.

Off Quotes in MT4 Connection Issue

That means you will not be able to trade on the Forex market. You need to fix the Internet connection and get access to the broker server to get market data and to be able to send requests for new orders. After 5-second delay, it is necessary to refresh data using the RefreshRates function and make a retry.

metatrader off quotes

That way you increase the chance to open the order as the price changes on the market. MT4 error 136 is interpreted as an “off quotes” problem of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Usually, an MT4 platform shows off quotes when it fails to locate the order price by the broker server or liquidity provider. Off-quotes in MT4 happen when your broker stops or starts quoting prices when you don’t want them. If your broker is quoting, you also want to enter a trade and refuse to quote. Any trade that violates the broker’s restriction will be canceled by the system.

How Metatrader 4 is Useful for Traders?

You can see the list of all essential requirements on the webpage of that platform. Use a larger maximum deviationUsing a larger deviation makes your broker more flexible in filling your order within the deviation range. Even if there is a price slippage, the broker might be able to provide you an order price within the deviation limit.

Please ensure you fully understand your level of experience, your risk appetite, and that you can afford to take the risk of losing your funds. The good news is that there are many good brokers out there and you can have a look at some of our featured brokers. And finally, if the off quotes happens in a highly volatile market you can be patient and wait until the market calms down.

What does MT4’s deviation mean?

When you lose internet connection you will have red bars indicating there is no Internet connection. The speed in this case is shown in ms which representspingon the network. Ping is thetime needed to get the response from the broker server when MT4sends a request. In my case I have two connection points with different speeds. First one is the main connection access point with 57 ms and the second one with 119 ms.

The fact is, when you can identify the reason behind an MT4 error 136, you can easily fix it by taking some proper actions. However, if your broker is completely liable for the problem then there is very little you can do to solve the issue. So, choosing the right broker plays an important role in avoiding the off quotes problem.

In very rare moments, the broker can have technical problems in connectivity, and your broker can be offline from a few seconds up to a few hours. This error is not up to you, so you must wait until the problem is fixed. If you don’t use an EA or expert advisor, this section is not for you. If you use Exper advisors what is the difference between mt4 and mt7 and find mt4 off quotes problem, then make a few changes to your EA coding language. Just set a maximum number of “X” times until your broker’s server fills out the order. Having frequent off quotes problems is a serious issue especially for the day traders who require smooth entry and exit at the market.

Metatrader 4 is a trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. The main goal of this platform is to provide an easy to use, fast and powerful trading platform for traders. I have always found that using regulated forex brokersseems to ensure I have a better connection than when I have used an unregulated/offshore broker. I’m not sure whether this was just my experience but it maybe worth looking into if you’re finding MT4 issues crop up a fair amount. If you have a five-digit broker, set the “Enable maximum deviation from quoted price” value 30. Those who don’t know how to deal with the matter can get a complete guideline from this content.

So, when Internet connection is lost you will not have speed in kb or green signal bars that indicate signal strength. If that happens you have lost Internet connection and MT4 will stop working. Imagine a scenario where you haveopen Metatrader4/5 and you want to open a new trade. You see the right time to open a trade and you click on the Sell/Buy button. Let me explain these two errors with examples so you understand what is behind each error.

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